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VA Entitlement Worksheet Borrowers: Loan # VA Case # ENTITLEMENT AMOUNT 1a. Enter $36,000 entitlement for all loans $144,000, or $ 1b. Enter 25% of the VA County Loan Limit for loans $144,000. $ 2.
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Um so I am super excited to show youthese tools um and hopefully you canhear me and so i think i'm going tostart I've got to UM worksheets to showyou today um can you just let me know ifyou can hear me looks like Jerry studycould please oh thank you please excusemy horrible voice I'm battling a coldI'm and do my best not to cough on allof you um I'm gonna start with the VAentitlement worksheet just because it isa super it'll be pretty quick so I'mgoing to touch on that and then we'llget to the San worksheet so this is theVA entitlement workbook these are bothexcel workbooks and they're both macroand abled workbooks so and that justmeans it has macros functions like thesebuttons to push that perform multiplefunctions so when you open them you haveto make sure that the macros is enabledso the first thing when you open theworkbook you may see this yellow baracross the top that says enable contentbe sure to click that enable contentbutton or else um the functionalitywon't work you won't get the fullfunctionality also when you go to savethe workbooks make sure that you'resaving as Excel macro enabled workbooksso I put these instructions on theentitlement workbook on the instructionstab here at the bottom they apply to theSam worksheet as well I didn't putthings I didn't put an instructionpage in the Sam worksheet because therewas no way to will no easy way to keepit from printing with that workbook andI didn't want that to happen so I'mgoing to go over the functionality hereand i'll record this and you know maybei'll do a separate instruction page forthe San worksheet but this here is theVA entitlement worksheet and this tabhas the instructions so just go aheadand check out these instructions youhave purchase loans and cash outrefinance a--'s and this will give youbasically you're required twenty fivepercent guarantee entitlement coverageyou're twenty-five percent coverage andinvade available entitlement andguarantee the maximum allowable baseloan amount your funding fee and yourtotal loan amount and all you have to dois complete the fields and orange andmake applicable selections from the grayfields so let's go to the purchase firstpurchase and so any orangefield you needto fill out and any gray field you needto make a selection so and this appliesto loan amounts based loan amounts over144 force because you know under thatyou just have your basic entitlement andthis is your additional entitlement solet's let's consider a sales price let'ssay just 200,000 and then let's just sayour praise allah ke min 2000 short soit's going to tell you right away youhave a required two thousand dollar downpayment due to the appraisal shortfallso now I need to select my state andcounty so you just click in here there'sa little drop down...